Got to Believe in Magic

My daughter Zoe has always been defiant when it’s time for her afternoon nap. I was suffering from one of my migraine attacks which seem to come and go especially now that I’m pregnant, so in a desperate attempt to make Zoe take a nap with me, I decided to use some magic. Well, pretend is the word.

Me: Abracadabra, Zoe is going to fall asleep (which matching hand actions!).

Zoe: Abropodabro, make my mom not let me take a nap!

She used countermagic on me AND she won! She told me she was hungry for carrot sticks. I always rejoice when she’s asking for veggies so I let her get some (although it turned out to be a ploy coz I found out she never asked for carrots, but ate porridge instead). Lesson learned: never rely on fake magic. Any magic wands out there for sale?


August 11, 2008. Mommyhood, Zoe stories.


  1. Rico replied:

    I can’t imagine how she was able to beat you at magic! She’s becoming wiser by the minute. I think you need to watch more cartoons to get more magic, or magic to counter a countermagic!

  2. Tricia replied:

    Hi! Sinabi mo! I’m sometimes caught offguard by how her mind works. More cartoons perhaps coz she’s starting to sound like a cartoon character herself : )

  3. sheng replied:

    Hahhaa, that’s funny. Maybe you can borrow that of Harry Potter’s wand, and all his charms, and curses, that will do for Zoe. Children are children, they’re funny, but they sometime drain your blood up.

  4. thea replied:

    hahaha. she’s so smart! 😀

  5. TPS replied:

    Kung may nabibili lang, pinakyaw ko na.

  6. josephine gementera replied:

    Hehehe! galing talaga ni Zoe! 🙂

  7. Rhea replied:

    hi trish! your zoe is a hoot! have a tag for you ha. i sent you an email to. take care mare!

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