My Little Girl’s Scheme

It has always been difficult for me to dress Zoe my way. At an early age Zoe has expressed herself in more ways than one, and has declared hatred for clothes that are frilly AND girley. She prefers to dress like her dad (in her shirt and shorts getup), talk about being tomboy-ish. Anyway, I bask on some of my glory days when she agrees, hesitantly I must say, to wear what I want her to wear. Yesterday was one of those days. I’ve been wanting to let her wear this turquoise Gap sleeveless preggy top to no avail. She finally conceded yesterday but said she will bring with her an extra shirt. I always tell her she can bring an extra shirt of her choice in case she needs to change when she’s all sweaty. More often than not, she doesn’t get to wear the extra naman. She picked up a white crew neck shirt with the writing My Dad Rocks on the front. Talk about being a daddy’s girl, haha. Hubby already started the car’s engine and turned on the aircon so we’d be comfortable when we’d get in. We haven’t even stepped out of the house when Zoe blurted out to her dad in a scolding tone, “Why did you turn on the aircon already? I need to be pawis so I can change into my extra shirt!” Schemie, schemie, schemie!


August 20, 2008. General.


  1. sheng replied:

    Hahaha, kids are really like. Mine is making me shriek too!

  2. pat replied:

    funny! si tina hasn’t reached that stage yet. so far, everything i make her wear is ok pa naman.

  3. jenny replied:

    ano ba yan?! ang wa-is! LOL

  4. baduday replied:

    Hay, medyo nagiging rebelde na yata ang anak ko. I think she’s turning into a teenager fast and skipping the years!

  5. eks replied:

    kinda like ’13 going on 30′? hehehe. she’s schemie indeed. how young is she nga ba? hi, zoe and zoe’s dad! 🙂

  6. N!cE replied:

    nyahahahaha! Mautak yang anak mo. My son is only 2 y.o. and I have difficult time dressing him too. Masyadong maarte.

    Btw, you might want to share your thoughts about this topic when you have time >


  7. baduday replied:

    Hi Eks, yeah sounds like it. Feeling matanda na sya even when she’s actually just 3! Regards! : )

  8. mordsith replied:

    and you thought you finally convinced her… haha!

    1 point for zoe!

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