Rainy Days and Wednesdays

I’ve neglected my blog lately because i’ve been swamped with work. Ang work, sagabal sa blogging, haha. Kidding aside, after my first trimester, I’ve felt like I’ve gotten my second wind and I’m not that lazy and woozy anymore. Now at least I get to be more productive. I HAVE to be, considering the cost of giving birth! I don’t experience much nausea either, although I still get bloated once in awhile but that’s because my appetite is back with a vengeance and i’ve started eating more than ever. Scary, especially when everyone’s noticing how big my tummy is for someone who’s just 4 months pregnant! Got to take it slow!

I still have tons of files for copyediting and here I am, still at home in my PJs, blogging. Well, I’ve got an excuse, it’s still raining strong outside and I’m a lousy driver when it’s raining. Actually, I’m always a lousy driver, rain or shine : ) My parking is another story.

Don’t you just love it when it’s raining? Everything seems to slow down…you get to find time for that cup of coffee or that mug of hot cocoa, and you linger in bed longer than usual, staying buried under the sheets. Today was also the perfect time to open that Zaragoza bottle of sardines, and Zoe craved for bottled “crab”, which is actually taba ng talangka or crab paste, with rice. Yummy! Connie’s Kitchen gourmet tuyo is also the perfect rainy-day food for me. Darn, I don’t have it here right now. Isn’t it obvious how my appetite is really on the comeback? I’ve been thinking of food 24/7! But I’ve got to watch my weight. As much as possible I’m still going for the goal, and that’s to give birth, for the second time, naturally. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that everything will go smoothly.

The rain has stopped now, which means I have to be in wok mode, este work mode. Till my next post…
Have a lovely rainiy day everyone!


August 20, 2008. Tags: . General.

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