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I’m not into blogging lately. Call it a writer’s block or just plain lazy-busyness. Lazy, because I, well, spend most of my time at home. Busy, because I have a lot of errands and assignments to do that they’re piling up! Nothing much intersting to talk about but here are the latest developments in my life:

  • My tummy has gotten bigger! I’m now in my 5th-6th month and I’ve been feeling the baby kick more often. Looks like he or she is more malikot than Ate Zoe! I’ve been having so many sweet cravings lately, which they say means it’s gonna be a girl!
  • I passed out at church a couple of Sundays ago. Bad me, skipping breakfast before going to church. In the middle of the priest’s homily, I started to have some cramping and told hubby I wanted to go home. Must be the heat, too. I was in such a hurry that I stood up right away and tried to walk as fast as I can to the parking lot. The people around me were slowly disappearing from sight and then I blacked out. I remembered hearing hubby’s voice calling out to me but I felt so weak. Fellow churchgoers were quick to assist. One gave me a glass of water to drink, another called the guard to inform him that our car was leaving and another car was blocking us, another lady checked my pulse and held my hand, another fanned me while I was lying down on the steps of the church. The priest had to be interrupted because he had to announce the plate number of the car that was blocking our car. It didn’t last long. After a few minutes I was okay enough to get up and go home. But that was a scary thing I hope and pray will never happen to me again. Now I know better and I take things easy and don’t push myself too much. I think of all the Good Samaritans who have helped us that day and I pray for their good hearts. Their hearts shone that day by helping me in whatever small way they could. I’m so blessed to have a great hubby, too, who took care of me and made sure I was going to be okay. It’s a good thing i wasn’t alone when this happened. Just the thought scares me.
  • Spent my birthday with hubby and the little one as we explored Trinoma for the first time. It’s so far away from where we live that the thought of going to this mall was something we looked at as an adventure. We had a great time. Zoe spent a few hours in gymboree, we had a late lunch at Heaven n’ Eggs (we love their green eggs and ham!), and we checked out the ice cream at Five Cows, the ice cream resto everyone’s been talking about. I love their bubblegum ice cream! Trinoma was too big for comfort, or perhaps it’s coz it was a Sunday and the mall was crowded with people. I’ve always loved the comfort that ATC offers and it’s still my favorite mall ever.
At Five Cows
At Five Cows
  • Spent hubby’s birthday at Tagaytay where we had lunch at Bawai, a vietnamese resto that we’ve been wanting to try since last year. Bawai did not disappoint. Our lunch was delicious! The food was filling, to think it wasn’t as if we pigged out, but it was filling in a healthy sort of way. Zoe tasted every dish and she was proud of it. She also drank the vietnamese iced coffee we ordered, coffee lover in the making! Next stop was horseback riding for the little one. It was great that she agreed to go on her own with the horsehandler, who rode with her. She cried though when the horse galloped a little faster (upon my request!), and didn’t want to horseback anymore. My mistake, I didn’t ask her if she wanted the horse to keep on walking or to walk faster, hehe. On our way back, we finally got to drop by Mr. Moo’s milk station, which selled carabao’s milk, cow’s milk, and even goat’s milk. They also have a variety of milkshakes available. Delish!
Me at Bawai

Me at Bawai

Zoe and her dad waiting to ride the horse

Zoe and her dad waiting to ride the horse

Zoe on horseback

Zoe on horseback

  • Zoe and I got to bake a chocolate cake as our surprise birthday gift to hubby. It was Zoe’s idea and I couldn’t resist. Never mind if my baking skills are zilch compared to my cooking “prowess”. A few hours before his birthday, we got a home service massage from Orange Spa, a massage he badly needs after days of flying. Hubby says the massage is great! And for a price of 250/hour (promo price), really not bad at all. He liked the massage so much that he asked for a 30-minute extension (Php375 for 1 1/2 hr). After the massage, while hubby was still resting, Zoe and I prepared the cake and lighted the candles and we surprised hubby by singing the birthday song. Hubby was delighted! I wouldn’t have baked a cake if not for Zoe’s idea. She thinks I can do anything, haha. Akala nya napakadali to bake a cake! For someone like me who prefers to cook than bake, it’s close to impossible!
The chocolate cake Zoe and I baked for hubby

The chocolate cake Zoe and I baked for hubby

Zoe with the cupcakes she baked

Zoe with the cupcakes she baked

Obvious ba that she has something in her mouth?

Obvious ba that she has something in her mouth?


September 21, 2008. Family, General.


  1. Rico replied:

    5 months na pala! Ang bilis din!
    If you liked the food at Bawai, consider dropping by Pho Hoa. Vietnamese food din. Sarap! 😉
    Congrats on the cake! Awesome!
    And Zoe is looking a lot like Suerte.

  2. something purple replied:

    wow, didn’t know you were pregnant and 5 months na 🙂
    congrats! and happy birthday!

  3. jovie replied:

    wow that cake looks delicious! 🙂 would you mind sharing with me your recipe? 🙂 thanks and God bless! 🙂

  4. pat replied:

    a belated happy birthday to you and the hubby! the cake looks so yummy!

  5. e[k]stranghero replied:

    happy birthday ma’am trish at sir lucky! 🙂
    i hate trinoma on weekends. too crowded! (actually, even on weekdays.)

  6. Joey replied:

    You say that’s NOTHING MUCH? Wow, so much has happened! Belated happy birthday to both you and your husband! And I’m quite surprised that your pregnancy is already in the 6th month! Ambilis ng panahon!

    BTW, the 9th edition of the Pinoy Parenting Blog Carnival is about Birthdays! Wanna join?

    Click here for more details.

  7. josephine gementera replied:

    Naku ma’am Trish buti na lang andun si Sir Lucky nung nahilo ka! Parang ang sarap ng cake ah! 🙂

  8. baduday replied:

    Hi Rico! Thanks! You’re right, Zoe’s getting to be a lot like her dad, not just in looks, pati likes and wants!
    Ems! Thanks for the birthday greetings! : )
    Jovie! Will email you the recipe soon. Pasado naman the cake kay hubby considering it’s my first try at it, haha. Got the recipe from Betty Crocker.
    Hi Pat! Thanks! The cake needs improvement pa, haha! Pero passable na : )
    Hi Eks! So crowded pala talaga Trinoma. Thanks for the greetings : )
    Hi Doc Joey! Thanks for letting me know about the 9th PPBC. Sana maka-join na ako this time. It’s been so long na.
    Hi Jo! Naku, sinabi mo, nagka-moment ako, o diba? Scared kami na maulit, sana hindi naman. And mas scared si hubby na it might happen while he’s not around. My blood sugar suddenly goes down daw. Haay…

  9. Dyes replied:

    belated happy birthday to you and Suerte 🙂

    wow, you are still slim even when pregnant 🙂

    ingat lang sa melamine ha…

  10. Mrs. G replied:

    That cake looks yummy 🙂

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