Thank Goodness for Decaf

Starbuck’s Christmas flavors are out already! Zoe and I visited our Starbucks neighbor in Santana Grove for the toffe nut latte I so miss. Good thing it’s offered in decaf, safe for Zoe and for Baby Sibling. The other two flavors are praline mocha and dark cherry mocha.

I was tempted to try the dark cherry mocha but decided on ordering my favorite. Well, that’s me, I can get very loyal with what’s familiar. Like always, they’re offering a Starbucks planner for those who get to complete their Starbucks card. This early I’ve decided not to make a go for the planner. Last year’s planner wasn’t put to good use. I’ve never been into planners ever since. Gosh, I don’t even make a checklist. That’s how “organized” I am. Which reminds me of the sooo many things I still need to do. I’m about to press the panic button coz in 2 months I’ll be giving birth already. There’s the Christmas shopping, baby shopping, house cleaning, shop organizing…the list can go on and on.

Going back to Starbucks. Well, Zoe loved the Christmas coffee as she called it. She didn’t like it too warm so we mixed it will a little cold milk. Says she’s looking forward to going to Starbucks again. It’s becoming our mother-daughter hangout lately. Kinda expensive tambayan if you ask me, but as long as the kid’s happy, I’m happy, too.


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  1. Rhea replied:

    Hi Trish! Thanks for coming to Raine’s little party and for the Mrs. Potato Head. My Dad got her a Mr. Potato Head. Hehe. I hope Zoe enjoyed her time here. I just read your blog entries. You wrote about our playdate na pala. I have so much backlog in blogging. Wow, yung story mo when you fainted ha. Tama ba dinig ko kanina, you plan to name Baby # 2, Phoenix? Hope all is well. See you again soon!

    Hi Rhea! Wow, cute, may partner na si Mrs. Potato Head! Ako rin I have so many backlog in blogging!

  2. maver replied:

    hi trish. i got my second planner already! my favorite is the Dark Cherry Mocha. What’s yours? Onward Oplan-ner 😀

    My planner photos may be found here:

  3. ka2x replied:

    wow 2 months na lang pala, ambilis! kya pala im not seeing you around in the office lately, you’re busy “nesting” hehe. another “lucky” child coming, God bless!

    Hi Ka2x! Onga, ang bilis, sobra! Parang di pa ako ready! I feel so sedentary! I’m not even halfway sa must-do checklist ko!

  4. jenny replied:

    I used to love their Peppermint Mocha. Too bad they didn’t do it this year. I tried the Dark Cherry, but parang, wala lang. Nothing too special. 🙂

    Hi Jen! I also like the peppermint mocha. Very Christmassy : )

  5. kg replied:

    Hello Man Trish! Haven’t seen you for a long time! Miss you already! How many months na ba?

    Hope to see you soon! Mwah!

  6. pat replied:

    hi tricia, expensive tambayan tlga : ) i love the peppermint mocha but i’m not too crazy about the dark cherry.

    have something for you here-

  7. maver replied:


    i got my 3rd planner today. got all colors na. happy monday!

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