Love Over Bowls of Soup

I woke up one early Sunday morning and couldn’t get my sleep back. For those who know me, that’s pretty peculiar because my regular waking hours are a few hours before lunch (won’t say the exact time!). Hubby was already awake. He’s so used to getting up early even if he sleeps late the night before. My tummy was grumbling so hubby offered to get me a bowl of chicken sopas, a leftover from the previous day. Hubby ended up getting himself a bowl, too.

So there we were, husband and wife, eating our chicken sopas in bed, while our little girl was still soundly asleep. I had a great time talking to hubby and catching up on so many things. When you’ve got a toddler, you can count the few times you get to share some simple bonding moments with your husband without the little one butting in. Because hubby’s work is based in Bulacan, he doesn’t get to come home as often as he’d want, hence, the days he’s here with us are precious days we spend together as family.

He shares his adventures in the air while I share my adventures at home, as if there’s anything adventurous in staying home, haha. I mostly fill him with anecdotes of Zoe and tell him how my hip bone feels like it’s gonna give way already. We talk about how blessed we are and worry a little on how we need to save more for the baby’s coming. Our worries fade when we remind ourselves that God has never failed us. Through the years, everything that has happened just fell into place.

After an hour or so, Zoe wakes up and we’re swept into the motion of the day doing the things we have to do. We spent the afternoon in Canlubang where Zoe got to play with her cousins and hubby got to bond with his brothers. It was almost midnight when we headed for home. We sealed the night after we finished our bowls of delicious takeout goto from Goodah over another round of good conversation.


November 22, 2008. General.

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  1. kg replied:

    Miss ko na kayong dalawa! 🙂

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