What the f*%@#?!

I’ve promised myself to keep my blog as wholesome and as, well, refreshing as possible. I think just this once I’ll have to break that promise because I have some ranting to do. So just this once, I’ll give you a peek on my dark side : )

I am on my 7th month of pregnancy and because I am pregnant, I am finding it hard to sleep well. Again, because I am pregnant, I sleep at odd hours of the day. Well, I answered a call on my mobile phone during one of those precious naps. I woke up to Strawberry Shortcake’s cuppy cake song only to find out that the person from the other end was a loan collector. You see, hubby has an outstanding loan with one of the local banks. The loan offer, which was salary deductible, was quite attractive so we applied for one instead of getting from our savings. It was a wise deal coz the interest we’d be paying from the loan was actually lower than the interest our savings was earning.

Fast forward to 2008, hubby resigned a few months ago and has been quite busy with his current job that he still has no time to attend to his clearance from his previous job. We promised though that before the year ends, we will attend to all the necessary paperwork.

Back to the loan, the bank apparently hires the services of a collecting agency to, well, do the dirty work for them. I have already informed one agent that I will have to work on my husband’s clearance first, find out if he has any backpay, then arrange with the bank to continue paying the loan. I thought I already made that clear. Then came the call. Again, I repeated what I said to the previous agent I talked to.

Me: Aayusin ko na muna ang clearance ng asawa ko sa office tapos ako na bahala makipag-usap sa bangko.

Agent: Kailan nyo po maaayos?

Me: By December.

Agent: Pwede nyo na ayusin ngayon?

Me (Surprised but still trying to be calm): Iho, sabi ko sayo aayusin ko sa opisina tapos bahala na ako makipag-usap sa bangko.

Agent: Pwede kayo tumawag ngayon, sa head office ng bangko?

Me (Irritated already): Hindi pwde.

Agent: Bakit po?

Me (Nakukulitan na sobra): Eh kasi natutulog ako!

Agent: Today po, matatawagan nyo ngayon?

Me (So ready to hang up): Hindi nga eh.

Agent: Bakit kayo ang masusunod?

Me: Ha?! Bakit hindi?!

Agent: blah….

—I hang up the phone—

I am still completely flabbergasted by this agent’s lack of manners. I could not believe how our conversation went. I hang up the phone totally seething mad. My face was so hot I could feel myself blushing. You see, one of my pregnancy complaints lately is having a flushed face, which can be totally uncomfortable as I’d start getting woozy and all. I don’t know if it’s how menopausal women feel. And, I couldn’t get my sleep back!!!

I understand that it’s their job to call and follow up on loans. That’s okay with me, but to totally try to push me into doing something, even questioning me on my own prerogative, is beyond my comprehension.Β  Ok lang sya?! Recalling how the conversation went, I couldn’t help but laugh at how desperate he sounded. Yeah, he must have been after a cut or commission somewhere. Or perhaps, he was really lousy at his job and it was a make or break call for him. Poor guy. Grrr…


November 25, 2008. Tags: , . General.


  1. kg replied:

    the nerve! hay nake, I would have done the same thing. I know how meek and mild you are, so for you to have done that, baka lalo ako. πŸ™‚

    they should be trained to treat customers in a professional way. not like that!

  2. Tricia replied:

    Hi kg! Actually, he caught me rin kasi at a wrong time. Pinatulan ko rin kasi, haha. Palibhasa naistorbo ang tulog ko. : )

  3. mordsith replied:

    haha. i also made a post about the poor behavior of call center agents of banks. they can be really irritating at times. but after a while, i got to laugh about how the concersation went. πŸ™‚

  4. Rico replied:

    I made a post on how to blow their minds off.

  5. baduday replied:

    Hi Mordsith! Haha, hindi pala ako nag-iisa!

    Rico, will check your post so I’ll know better the next time : )


  6. Cam replied:

    hello. dapat nag sorry na lang cya nung sinabi mong natutulog ka pa nung tumawag cya and sinabi nyang tatawag na lang cya some other time. at saka napaka demanding naman nya. hehehe..

  7. Jenny replied:

    hay sis, ganun nga talaga sila. wala sa katwiran ang kulit! sarap bagsakan ng phone!

  8. onyxx replied:

    i think these people are trained to be super obnoxious so they can get a rise out of you πŸ™‚

  9. pat replied:

    you know i think collecting agencies really have to train their people. i know several people who’ve had encounters with really rude agents.

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