The Waiting Game

Taken by The Stork Studio

Taken by The Stork Studio

I’m not sure if it’s just me getting paranoid but I think I’ve been getting weird stares lately. Strangers would almost instantly zero-in on my pointed, bulging tummy as if I’m an alien who just landed from outerspace. Can’t blame them really. I now waddle like a duck and my belly has dropped already. My tummy also looks so huge now, they’re probably wondering how on earth I can still stand upright.

Yesterday was my check-up with my OB. She says I’m 1 cm dilated. Depending on the progress, I am due to give birth any day, any moment now.

The crib is half-ready, the baby’s clothes are washed, and the room is, more or less, clean. With my firstborn, who came out 3 weeks ahead of the estimated due date, we hardly had any time to prepare at all. This time we’re a bit more ahead, just in case we’d be caught offguard again. Nevertheless, we are all sooo excited already. Zoe is eager to be an “ate” and keeps on kissing my belly. She can’t wait to see her baby sibling.

Like my first delivery, I intend to give birth drug-free, without any pain reliever, painful instead of painless, hehe. I hope my baby will cooperate.
My OB is a natural childbirth advocate so I’m sure I’ll be in good hands. We’re praying everything will go smoothly.

Right now I have some nesting to do. Still so many things to attend to before the stork’s visit. Will keep you all posted : )


January 8, 2009. General.


  1. mordsith replied:

    wow! nice shot! i think it’s sweet that zoe’s excited with the coming of the baby… 🙂

    we’ll be waiting for your updates!

  2. ka replied:

    zoe is a pro hehe… cute nman she almost kissed you. was she instructed to put her face near yours? the photo appeared very casual and happy.
    i still dont know why people cant help staring at bulging tummies noh? hehehe but you still look pretty even with big tummy 🙂

  3. kg replied:

    Super nice pic! buti naman zoe cooperated! 🙂

    good luck mam trish, and may you have a safe delivery!

  4. zarine replied:

    Hi, Trish! Zoe is so sweet. 🙂
    goodluck sa birthing. And congrats!

  5. Rico replied:

    Ganda nga ng pic. Simple and casual, pero maganda talaga!

  6. Faye replied:

    Love the photo! 🙂

  7. Tricia replied:

    Thanks guys! We had fun having our pics taken. Can’t say the same for Zoe though coz it took us a lot of coaxing for her to smile! : )

  8. onyxx replied:

    i can’t wait till the other important “guy” in your life makes his bow. i’m sure it’ll be easier for you this time because you’ve already had a lot of practice with zoe 🙂

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