I was at the office when Zoe first rolled over (from supine to prone). Hubby called me to share the good news. This time, when it was Phoenix’s turn, I was in the shower! Hubby knocked at the bathroom door to tell me of another milestone I missed. Wrong timing again, but what a great Mothers’ Day gift for me!

Look Mom, I did it!


May 11, 2009. General.


  1. kg replied:

    hi mam trish! ang cute ni phoenix! did your husband, suerte (he! he!), tell you that we met sa shopwise while you were going around doing the grocery and he was looking over the kids? ang laki na ni zoe! and my first time to see phoenix! cutiieeee! sayang lang di tayo nagkita! πŸ™‚

  2. Tricia replied:

    Hi kg! Yes, Suerte told me nga that you were at Shopwise rin! Sayang nga, di tayo nagkita. Tagal ko na kayong di nakita. Plan to drop by the office one of these days!

  3. Rico replied:

    Ang cute at ang taba! Sinu ba kamukha? Parang pareho kayo eh.

  4. kaka replied:

    happy mother’s day mam trish!

  5. eks replied:

    pahabol: happy mom’s day! πŸ™‚

    don;t worry, ma’am trush, lam ko namang di ikaw si “patricia” hehehe.

  6. ge replied:

    Ang cute ni phoenix! πŸ™‚

  7. Tricia replied:

    Hi Rico! Malaki na nga ang mga braso ko! I think si Suerte talaga kamukha ni PHX, although I see traces of myself in him — yung pagiging “mabait” (I can hear hubby reacting to this!).
    Ka, thanks for the mothers’ day greeting. Happy mothers’ day to you, too! Sarap maging mommy noh?
    Eks, thanks rin sa greeting!
    Hi Ge! Super tanggal pagod when he smiles at me = )

  8. Chell replied:


    *clears throat*.. i mean, i’m sorry you missed those πŸ˜€

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