I Might As Well Eat the Whole Bag of Marty’s Cracklin’

I thought becoming a stay-at-home mom meant I had more time to spend blogging. Was I dead wrong! It seems I never ever run out of things to do, and I never ever get things done completely. Talk about half-baked, half-done.

What can I say? I miss my blog. I miss blogging about anything and everything. I miss reading blogs! I had more time blogging when I worked as an employee and reported to a real office, not a virtual one. I guess when you’re in petiks mode, there’s more time to actually, well, blog your heart away. Shooting words left and right. At home, it’s a different story. I start writing, get interrupted, go back to the PC, spend the next few minutes trying to recall the last trail of thought, get interrupted again, then just postpone blogging for the next free time I’d have.  That free time might as well be a day, a week, or a month after. So now here I am, trying to get “that feeling again.” While the house is quiet and the kids are asleep.

I just opened a bag of Marty’s Cracklin’. Oishi’s answer to our cholesterol-laden chicharon. Our family’s addicted to it. I know it’s still loaded with tons of salt, despite its claim to be cholesterol-free. I know it’s still junk food in the guise of something better, healthier. I’ve been making a conscious, constipated effort to stop our junk-food eating habit but it’s falling on deaf ears. Hubby and Zoe have teamed up and everytime I give a lecture on “junk food is bad for you, blah, blah,” they just smile at each other and laugh at me like I’m the odd-man out. Recently, I’ve changed the rules and told hubby that yes, we can still eat our junk BUT only when Zoe doesn’t see us. That lessens the guilt a little, don’t you think? Anyway, this evening, aside from the peppermint tea I requested hubby to buy me from Starbucks (a drink that does wonders to me when I’m down with the colds/cough), he comes home with not just one, but two, Marty’s Cracklin’! The little girl is happy again! I resist the urge to nag.


It’s a good thing Phoenix is on my side. Well, that’s because he’s clueless as to what the fuss is about, although he would stare at us and watch us eat with that longing look on his face. Just recently, he had started eating solids. I knew he was ready for something other than mommy’s milk when he started assuming that everything within his reach is food…

like his toy

like his toy

his ate's knee!

his ate's knee!

and the TV remote!

and the TV remote!

Phoenix has started with finely ground brown rice mixed with breastmilk. His second food is sayote. Does it have an English name? I might give him squash next.

As for junk food such as Marty’s, that will have to wait. I’ll have to brainwash him first on the food pyramid guide. I’m down to the crumbs now. This is what happens when I deprive myself of something I want deep inside. I come back with a vengeance and binge! The bright side is hubby and Zoe have to make do with that one bag left. Har-har.


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  1. kg replied:

    oh my! ang laki na ni phoenix! tabachingching! 🙂

  2. Rico replied:

    Naku fave din yan sa bahay. Phoenix is so cute! That last shot was great! Pang UFC!
    As you know, we read A LOT of medical journals. And one study that wifey read says the food pyramid is obsolete. Our needs daw differ from person to person. And as this isn’t published yet, it’ll take a while for it to be known by our local doctors here.

  3. ge replied:

    favorite ko din yan, both flavors, hehe! Almost everyday ako dumadaan sa 7-11 to buy Marty’s

  4. kaka replied:

    havent tried marty’s. i still eat the real chicharon with all the cholesterol. in fact i had chicharon with laman i bought in sm sucat guilty! guilty!
    taba ni phx btw. pwera usog hehe

  5. Baduday replied:

    hi kg! Onga ang bilis ng panahon. Sa susunod naglalakad na sya = )

  6. Baduday replied:

    Hi Rico! For a moment there I thought you were talking about UFC the ketchup brand. Hubby had to enlighten me, hehe. Thanks for the update on the food pyramid. That means we can be more flexible with our diet = )

  7. Baduday replied:

    Hi Ge! I also like the plain salted kind. Have you tried it with vinegar? Masarap sya sa vinegar with sili! Yayaman ang 7-11 sayo!

  8. Baduday replied:

    Hi Ka! Hay, nothing beats the real thing pa rin! A few weeks ago hubby brought home the chicharon with laman from Bulacan. Ay, heaven!!! Kalimutan muna ang cholesterol!

  9. NevadaHomes replied:

    Phoenix is adorable. I enjoyed reading your blog.

  10. Ashley Madison replied:

    Hello Tricia! Share ko lang, naka bili ako ng marty’s crackin sa goods.ph (https://www.goods.ph/oishi-marty-s-cracklin-spicy-vinegar-90g-7581.html), ung vinegar flavor last month. Mejo nagulat ako kasi pwede na pala bumili ng mga groceries through online. BTW, anu ung favorite mong flavor?

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