I’d rather be blogging

How ironic that I get the urge to blog when I am not supposed to. I have files to edit this weekend, and my days are spent in front of the PC. I am amazed at how dependent I’ve become on our good ol’ PC, panicking when it played hard to get by giving us the blank screen. We had to rush it to the ER, este, computer shop, for diagnosis and repair.

This post might as well be my way of procrastinating, something I think I’ve mastered, and believe me when I say it’s not a trait I’m exactly proud of.

I’m lucky that I get to receive work from my old job on a freelance basis. Work equals money so I’m welcoming it with open arms.

Speaking of money, I know everyone’s trying to be frugal these days. Our family has also made some adjustments especially now that we are living on single income. We’ve lessened our trips to the mall, which can be oh so tempting. If ever we go to the mall, we control our spending and look for promos on where to eat. The food court is always at the top of the list if you’re hungry but you want to shell out just a few bucks. If you don’t mind the crowd or eating without the ambiance, this will do. You’d be surprised at the yummy meals here. In MOA, I love Hecky’s lechon. Yes, you can order tasty, “healthy” lechon good for one! There’s also Kimchi, if you love Korean food. Their beef stew is a longtime fave of mine, never mind the sebo afterfeel, hehe.

Recently, we got to try Joey Pepperoni. Their pizzas are at 50% off. Quite a steal, really. I’m just not sure if the pizza promo is still on as I read in the papers that they now have an all-you-can-eat pasta for Php150.

All this talk about food tells me I have got to stop and get back to work. If you know of any good food finds, those easy on the pocket but yummy and heavy on the tummy, let me know!

August 14, 2009. General.


  1. Rico replied:

    Well procrastination always gets the best of us! 😉
    Will try Hecky’s lechon! We might be in MOA later today. Anything that’s “healthy” but is lechon is worth a try, hehe.
    And good find nga yung Joey Pepperoni. There’s one along McKinley, and one in Robinson’s Manila. Great pizzas. Cheap too.

  2. eks replied:

    ma’am trish, any typo errors here?

    “all-you-can-eat pasta for Php150” and 50% off on pizza?

    wow! punta na kami dito mamaya! 🙂 and on procrastination: why do something today when you can do it tomorrow? procrastinate! 🙂

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