Home Alone

It was a wonderful Wednesday and Zoe and I were out for her soccer class. There was nothing unusual that afternoon except that I decided not to bring Phoenix with us to Tahanan Village, where the soccer session took place. He just came from a bout of fever, cough, and colds a few days ago and I kinda blamed his previous visit to Tahanan’s park for it.

After soccer, we went out for pizza at El Buono, a new pizza place along Aguirre Ave. Zoe and I ordered just a slice of their 22-inch pizza (their largest pizza is 36 inches!) which costs Php99 and comes with one glass of iced tea. The little girl loved the pizza and ate a lot! I thought one giant slice was good enough for the two of us, but I was wrong. Soccer did make her hungry! I had a wonderful time bonding with Zoe. Little did we know that while we were munching on our pizzas, a drama was unfolding at home.

36-inch pizza box

El Buono Margherita Pizza

Our helper, R, left PHX supposedly for just a few seconds to go outside to the “dirty” kitchen. Just as she stepped into the dirty kitchen, PHX slammed the door behind her and the door locked automatically. That old kitchen door never had a key and there was no other way “R” could get in. The front door was also locked from the inside. Good thing she thought fast and she ran to our neighbor for help. Our neighbor had the right tool to cut through a window grill. They asked help from another neighbor to cut the grills, destroy the screen, and enter the house. Whew! Phoenix was crying almost the whole time he was left alone. It scares me just thinking about various worst-case scenarios so I’d rather not. What’s important now is that PHX is safe. Thank God. This also served as a lesson for us not to leave PHX unattended at ALL TIMES.

And I thought this only happened in the movies…

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