Getting Rid of the Pack Rat in Me

I have a confession to make: I am a pack rat. My mom swears to this, my husband swears to this. It’s so chronic I’ve packed and saved tons of items, both used and unused, sleeping in our cabinets for years! I also have a tendency to buy something on impulse (sometimes perishable at that) then save it for later, or even sometimes, never! That bad, really.

So when an online group I’m part of announced a garage sale, I decided to join. It took me days of sorting through old piles of clothes, shoes, toys, and bags. The clutter was neverending. There just seemed to be so much stuff! I never realized I still had clothes I wore waaay before I got married and had kids. Thanks to my OC meticulous method of laundering, most still looked new. Yes, I handwashed most of my clothes when I was gloriously single and had all the time in the world.

The garage sale was held in one of the halls inside QC Memorial Circle. We arrived late but were swarmed with buyers even if we haven’t unpacked everything yet. Most of the crowd belonged to the C and D classes and were eager to get good deals.  Read: really cheap bargains. Old pairs of shoes went for as low as 80 pesos. I remember agreeing to even 20 pesos for an old pair of Naturalizer shoes. I didn’t mind about the price or the brand anymore. They were items I didn’t use anyway. And all the items I was selling were for disposal. The guy was so happy. I was thinking he would probably give it to his wife or his daughter.  Sold my daughter’s Crocs sandals for Php100 and a cute Keds shoes that she hardly used also for Php100. I get a high when I get a good deal but I never realized I could also get a high when I’m the one giving the good deal. The crowd really knew how to haggle. When they wanted that old Nine West bag for 50 pesos, sige na nga. Another lady bought three bags and asked me if she could get them for 60 pesos, all three…sige na nga. My goal was to dispose as many as I can. Earning was just secondary.

Zoe, my 5-year-old daughter, was with me. She was pleased that kids liked her toys and was also happy to have bought some toys from the other mommy vendors with the money she earned for “selling” her toys. Now she is more motivated to let go of the toys she doesn’t like much anymore or toys she has outgrown. The funny thing is she has told her grandma to send her some new stuff so she will have more stuff to sell on the next garage sale!

At around 3:30 pm, I decided to call it a day. There were still a lot of people looking around but the kids (yes, Phoenix included) were getting restless already and my tummy was asking for food. It was a tiring but fulfilling day. I was able to declutter, make others happy by selling some and giving some, and get extra cash. Not bad, not bad at all for a pack rat like me. Perhaps there’s hope for me and my clutter after all.


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My Hands Are Full With This One

This little guy is the reason my stress level has been at an all-time high lately. A few months shy of being in his terrible twos, PHX is an energizer bunny. One second he’s seated on the couch, the next second he’s climbing up and jumping down. In a day I cannot count the many times I have to shout his name as a warning on what might happen. More often than not, he pays no attention to me. Adding insult to injury, he just smiles at me and goes back being the daredevil that he is.

But then again, this little guy is also one of the reasons why, despite his ability to drive me insane, I love staying home and being the monster mom that I am. He can melt me with his smile and add rainbows to any crazy day. Hearing his voice call my name is, simply put, music to my ears. Hubby teases that I’m turning PHX into a “mama’s boy.” Perhaps I am, but rightfully so. I know the time will come when he won’t look for “mom” as often and the time will come when he won’t like me smothering him with kisses. I’ll probably dread the moment he’ll bring home a girl! (Ok, that is thinking waaay tooo far!). But like Robert Munsch’s all-time bestseller book, I Love You Forever, even if this kid will drive me crazy a gazillion times, I’ll love him forever, I’ll like him for always, as long as I’m living, my baby he’ll be.

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