Doing It My Way

I’ve been a bit stressed lately due to some family matters that are better off left alone. Although the problem does not directly concern me, I can’t help but be involved because I’m part of the family. It’s a one-for-all, all-for-one thing and, whether I like it or not, family means being in it together. “Walang iwanan”. Going through life during the good times and, most especially during the bad times. And this is what hubby and I would like to teach our kids. Family first, no ifs and buts.
I’ve seen how kids-turned-adults can forget family and take the people who brought them up for granted. I’ve seen parents being shut out of their children’s lives just because. I’ve seen kids falling and failing then crying for solace on their peers’ shoulders who offer them a bit of temporary comfort as they wallow over alcohol and drugs. I also see parents who are blind. Blind to the reality that their kids are growing up empty and lost. It’s depressing, really. I don’t want that happening to my family. I want my kids to know that wherever they are and whatever problems they have, they have a family to come home to. I want them to know that my hugs are free and that Mom and Dad will always be here for them no matter what. I want them to know that should some doubts arise anywhere in their journey on the tiniest issue, they can freely bring it up with us lest they find answers somewhere else and, Heaven forbid, get wrong answers that sound right. I want them to feel loved even in times when they have wronged, and to feel so much love that they will find no reason in their hearts to do wrong. I know my way is not 100% fool-proof, but with God’s guidance, I pray that I am on the right path.

March 22, 2011. General. Leave a comment.