ALDUB: Finding Its Way to Our Hearts

A lot has been written and said about ALDUB in the two months of its existence. I caught myself unaware on how I was sucked into the ALDUB craze but, thank goodness, I was. Pre-ALDUB, we practiced an almost no-TV policy at home. TV time meant either parent-approved children’s shows (Disney, DK) or news channels. Because of Aldub, lunchtime has been rescheduled a few minutes earlier and my children are now exposed to the culture of noontime TV. I fear not because I watch with them and EB has become our bonding time. They now have a general idea why commercials take so long, they’ve taken to understanding more Filipino words, and they can now appreciate feel-good Pinoy humor. They also get to see up-close the realities, the heartbreaks, and the heartaches of the Sugod-bahay winners in All for Juan, Juan for All, and the word “bayanihan” needs less explanation.

Going back to ALDUB…

I was buying veggies in a neighborhood stall today and mentioned to the old lady vendor how I was in such a rush to get home in time for Kalyeserye. Aba, natuwa si Lola! Lola gave me a toothless smile as if she met a long-lost friend and talked to me like a friend. She told me she lost her husband a few months ago. That was why she was wearing black. Me, a stranger she just met. I tried my best to humor her on how Kalyeserye‘s there to make her smile everyday. I left with a free piece of ginger. Amazing.

Really…How can you even put into words the pandemonium of followers that has spread like wildfire on FB, Twitter, YouTube? How can you explain the giddiness watching a split-screen romance blossom? How can you distinguish the real from the reel? How can you stop yourself from laughing, crying, swooning, and even praying for the Tamang Panahon? You just can’t. ALDUB gives you the feels like crazy, and in this cynic world of violence, misery, hatred, and bitterness, we find hope. We discover love at its freshest, romance at its old-school finest, and honest-to-goodness friendship at its sweetest. We pick up life lessons; words of wisdom from the lola characters of Kalyeserye, Nidora, Tidora, and Tinidora. We relate, we empathize, we share, we reminisce. The kilig stays waaaay after an episode has ended that you can’t help discussing the happenings with your friends (all of you happily married by the way, established in his/her own niche in life, and years older than Alden and Yaya Dub) and analyzing every gesture, every smile, every blooper. Hence, the line “malakas maka-teenager.”  Who would have thought, diba?

Eat Bulaga, thank you for the breath of fresh air that is Maine Mendoza. Thank you for a God-fearing and well-grounded Alden Richards. Thank you for the comic geniuses JoWaPao. Thank you for the chance encounter that changed Alden and Maine’s lives forever. Thank you for leveling up noontime entertainment. Thank you for crossing all genres and thinking of how to make us, your viewers, happy first and foremost. Thank you for making people smile more these days. Thank you for ALDUB.

September 17, 2015. General.


  1. Len C. Cabrera (@mrskulas_ays) replied:

    This is good! I can relate much, wanting to come home and wishing you can watch the Kalyeserye is such a wonder for me. It always gives me positive energy 🙂 can I share this on twitter?

  2. jam sunga replied:

    ..Have been asking myself this last 2 months what drew me to this aldub bandwagon. Am in my midlife, with 2 grown-up sons. Am a 2 week-old proud grandma too. And yet I get all excited and giddy watching this whiff of fresh air noontime phenomenon. When I get to read articles, write-ups and blogs, like yours, I understand better and know that I am in good company. From a kalyeserye I think this is going to be a RealiTV with a very beautiful love story unfolding before our very eyes.

  3. Michelle replied:

    Love it Tricia!

  4. juneashley32532 replied:

    The blanket looks great! Your daughter’s teacher will love it. Click

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