Phoenix’s 1st birthday

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Finally, here’s Phoenix’s birthday kwento and supplier ratings.

We set PHX’s birthday party for January 17 but his birthday was actually on January 15, which was a Friday. We decided to hold it on a Sunday coz some guests still have work/school on Saturdays and, by experience, there’s usually no traffic in the metro on Sundays, which is a plus as guests would be coming from both the north and the south. Monday before his bday, he got sick, had a slight fever. The next day, when he was still cranky and still had fever, we decided to have him checked na. His pedia told us that if his low-grade fever would still persist by Thurs, we better have a CBC taken. On Thursday morning, I took his temp and it was 38 deg C so we went to have his CBC taken. I was still hoping wala lang yon and that it was just a slight fever, nothing we couldn’t handle at home. That afternoon, when we got the lab results, we worried na coz his platelet count was below normal levels. Natakot na kami that it might be dengue. As per our pedia’s advise and other doctor-friends’ advise, better to have him confined and keep him hydrated in the hospital. His fever was gone but, ganon pala yon, that’s usually the time when the platelet levels get lower. So, a day before his birthday, we went to Asian. It was so heartbreaking seeing my baby crying as the nurses tried to insert the IV needle on him. Ang hirap coz ilang tries yon to find the vein. When it was finally inserted, Phoenix attempted to remove it pa. We spent his first birthday at the hospital. Hubby bought pancit and cake and balloons para at least may celebration pa rin talaga, and some relatives dropped by for a visit. Kudos to Asian Hospital for making his bday a happy one despite the circumstances. Asian even gave the bday boy a birthday gift (a bible storybook) and everyone, from the nurses to the food attendants, greeted him a happy birthday. He was discharged the day before his birthday party. We were worried that we might have to call off the party at the last minute. Thank God there wasn’t any need for that. And there was actually more reason to celebrate his first year considering he was hospitalized a few days before the party.

Here are my supplier ratings…

Venue: PAF Aerospace Museum, Villamor Air Base, Pasay City
Rating: Highly Recommended

I initially wanted to have the party at TRIbeca because I love their clubhouse. When I was making inquiries, I was disappointed that their rental rates were too steep (read: over my budget) and they even have a base rate of 350/head for their accredited caterers. The practical side of me won coz imagine a 100 to 150 difference per person, multiplied by, say, 70 to 100 guests, could already get me a host/magician. It didn’t help also that the person in charge of their functions wasn’t quick to reply to my queries and to send the list of caterers, etc. The Aerospace Museum was our second choice but we’re happy we chose this venue.

Pros: Maayos sila kausap. You can bring any caterer of your choice. The place was clean. The aircon functioned really well. Enjoy both kids and adults with the place especially with the planes parked outside. Everyone was asking how we knew about the place, etc. For the size and for the look, mura na sya at Php5,000 for 5 hours.
Cons: They didn’t have an elevator. Kawawa mga elderly paakyat ng stairs. They also don’t have a generator in case nataon na brownout during your event. No sound system to rent or borrow from them. They’re a bit strict with how or where to put the decors pero nagagawan naman ng paraan.

Decors: Jacque of Partyboosters
Highly recommended

As per the recommendations of fellow n@wies who were on a budget, I decided on Jacque for the balloon decors. I didn’t have much specs for the decors as long as the place will look lively lang and I wanted a lot of ceiling balloons. Super easy kausap si Jacque, very accommodating at biniro pa ako na bakit raw cramming na ako sa party, haha.

Host: Butch Gonzales c/o Partyboosters
Highly recommended

The guests had a great time at the party mainly because of this guy. Host talaga sya till the very end. Super enjoy both kids and adults. He’s a class act and very very kind pa. For what he can offer, value for money ang talent fee nya. Even the adults were impressed.

Caterer: Wowlu Catering
Highly recommended

At first I was set on getting either Queensland or Blue Petals since sila yung medyo ok for those on a budget. However, I had a hard time dealing with them. Siguro coz they’re used to people going to them na, or prefer bigger accounts, I never felt accomodated by them. Ultimo their menu packages, I had to follow-up pa. Ako pa naman, if ganon na, forget it, so I searched for other suppliers that can deliver. I saw Wowlu’s multiply site and asked fellow n@wies for feedback. I learned from my aunt that they’ve been a suki na rin pala of Wowlu. The owner, Ms. Cherry, is very accommodating. I wanted 3 colors for the tables and chairs, no problem with her, unlike sa iba na you have to stick with one color or dapat upgrade ng menu pa. The food was good. The roast beef was something to rave about. The kids buffet was yummy rin…the spag was saucy and creamy. Waiters were pleasant and attentive to the guests’ needs. Malinis rin sila tignan. I also requested for 2 vegetarian meals and pumayag sila, tapos I was expecting it would be expensive (vegetarian sukiyaki plus garden salad), pero they charged me 100 pesos each person lang. Dapat pala nag vegetarian party nalang kami, haha, joke lang. Value for money sila.

Invites: Leslie of

For suppliers, I tried to zero in on n@wies because I’m sure I could count on them. Leslie’s post on her new biz caught my eye and I emailed her right away. She was so accommodating and her rates are so good. Perfect for moms on a budget and for practical moms like me who prefer to send the invites through email instead of the usual hard copy. A lot of guests who received the invite commented na ang ganda raw ng invite. It also set the mood for the party. I really admire her for trying to come up with the right look that we wanted.

Tarp: Leslie of

I also asked Leslie to design the tarp since I trust her already and natuwa ako sa layout nya sa invites. At least the tarp can complement the invites na rin. Again, price is very reasonable and the tarp’s colors were crisp. Dami rin nag-comment on it na ang galing daw.

Cake: Kitkat of Kalea’s Food Confections

Again, Kitkat is a fellow n@wie who’s a homebaker. I earlier tried her mini cupcakes for my daughter’s bday and nasarapan ako. She lives near our place lang so very convenient if ever I need to meet up with her or get the cake. Although last minute I decided nalang on having the cake delivered para less hassle and so she can set it up na for me. I’m not really fuzzy over cakes lalo na’t on a budget ako. I provided the cake topper, a wooden mini biplane, tapos si Kitkat na ang pina-execute ko sa design. I loved what she did with the cake. Super yummy ng cake! The icing brought me back to my childhood, hehe. I liked that it was not too sweet and not nakaka-umay at all. The chocolate cake was moist. I also ordered mini cupcakes which the guests loved = ) Super thanks also to Kitkat for lending me her cakeplate/stand.

Name tags: Thess of

Found this supplier from multiply. Super rush na ito coz I forgot that this was needed. She was able to execute the design I wanted and she delivered it promptly. Maayos kausap. Walang hassle.

Photos: cousin & cousin-in-law plus friends

I really thought long and hard if I would be hiring an outside photographer or just rely on someone I know. Because we were on a budget nga, I decided to just ask hobbyist guests to take pics of the event. Sabi nga ni hubby, we grew up naman not needing any photographer on our kiddie parties, so sige na nga. Happy naman kami coz we had so many shots and everyone was trigger happy!

Table centerpiece: Yaya ni PHX, conceptualized by my brother

My mom sent some wooden biplanes bought from the US na ginamit namin as centerpieces. Initially, gusto ng mom ko as souvenirs but stocks were limited so naisip ko nalang na as centerpiece. We “bought” empty zesto karton at Puregold (1 peso each yata) then wrapped it in colored paper. Bought some sand, pebbles, etc to make it look like an old runway. Dpat talaga kami ng kapatid ko ang gagawa kaso PHX nga was hospitalized so his yaya nalang ang nagtapos ng task. Natuwa naman mga guests sa centerpiece at inuwi ang mga planes, hehe.


I just bought colored sandwich bags, filled them with goodies and small stuff. My mom was able to find tags na airplane ang theme which we used as thank-you tags.


Didn’t hassle myself na with going to Divi for this. Some stuff like activity books, toys were bought from the US. I supplemented this nalang with 10-peso items I got from a stall in puregold.

Adult giveaways: Lollipops. All adults were given lollipops, hehe.

Photos can be viewed here:!/album.php?aid=151516&id=540365784

Thanks for reading! And syempre thanks to n@w, my ever-reliable source of anything and everything, hehe = )


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Zoe the Nonconformist, Take Two

In a previous post, I shared how Zoe has this penchant for liking the unlikeable, or for choosing what is out of the norm, and how, of all loveable Disney characters, she has grown fond of Anastasia, Cinderella’s naughty stepsister. Well, things do change, and Zoe has passed that stage of fondness for Anastasia. She has grown from liking Anastasia to watching Mulan everyday, and the swordfights and karate moves in Mulan please her a lot. This time Zoe enjoys watching Robin Hood, the animal version. She likes it so much that we got her a bow and arrow in our quick trip to divisoria last week. My mom scolded me for giving in to Zoe’s boyish penchants…as it is, Zoe’s likes indeed lean on the boyish side. Lola is scared that her apo might grow up to be a tomboy of sorts. At this rate, Zoe may really be called one because she prefers her sword, gun, and bow & arrow to her other girley toys. She also squirms when we insist that she wears a dress just this one time. I take her to the clips, ponytail section of Shopwise for her to choose what she wants for her now (finally!) growing curls, but she ignores them all, preferring to look at the caps instead that remind her of “baseball day”! I finally get her to wear a denim RL dress, only because I made her wear it with leggings which I told her all the superheroes wear. My, oh, my. Sometimes the thought of Zoe becoming a tomboy crosses my mind (before I offend anyone, I’d like you to know that I’m actually cool with), but hubby assures me that Zoe is just being herself and who she wants to be, and that Zoe prefers to do the exact opposite of what I insist her to do, perhaps to get on my nerves, haha. She knows she will see my jaw drop again when she’d insist on a pair of jeans instead of a skirt, and she knows the sword and the gun ammuse her dad too much.

Her birthday is coming up soon, not to mention, Christmas. Her dad already bought her a basketball ring because the little girl has been wanting this for the longest time. Talk about making her boyish! But I’m thinking of getting her a kitchen showcase just to neutralize things, hehe.

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