Budget Series #1: Sweets

Eversince our decision to live on a single-income budget, I’ve tried to find ways to follow the budget and stick to it. For someone who freaks out at anything that has to do with numbers, it can be more than a bit scary. I never did budget. Sure, I handled the money, did the grocery, bought whatever is necessary or wanted, but I never made an effort to filter the needs from the wants. The needs and wants are all mixed up together in a hazy kind of gray and I mutter to myself, “this is not good at all.”When I face the numbers and do the math, all I could do is cry “help”!

And so, here’s my first attempt to blog on something that’s on everybody’s mind these days: “Budgeting.” Hopefully, I’ll discover myself as I go along and give myself a pat on the back as I learn to scrimp and save, scrimp and save. Wow, that could be my mantra = ) Hopefully, too,  I could help others who are in the same predicament as me.

The first of the budget series would focus on sweets. Why? Because I love them and they definitely take up a lot of the budget pie. I even eat sweets for breakfast and, yes, I have this penchant for eating my desserts first. If I had my choice I’d give 50% of my grocery budget to sweets alone. But then that wouldn’t be a wise move for a mom, would it?

Aside from Selecta’s weekend ice cream pack that only costs around 135 pesos, I’ve also unearthed a treasure from Goya. A box of Goya’s dark mint chocolates costs only 26 pesos. My daughter Zoe loves it even more than those imported mint choco brands (Hershey’s I think). The perfect after-dinner sweet. There’s also choc-nut, perhaps the ultimate tsokolate ng bayan. Who doesn’t love choc-nut?!

A few weeks ago, I also came across this dessert place at Alabang Town Center. It’s actually just a kiosk in their 2nd floor Food Choices area named Supreme Brazo Bars. Because I so love Brazo de Mercedes, I had to try it. What’s good about them is they don’t sell brazos by rolls or half-rolls. They sell them by bars, which means, they are light on the pocket. One bar of the classic brazo costs 35 pesos only, enought to satisfy your sweet-tooth craving. The brazo tastes sooo good, I wouldn’t mind spending 35 bucks everytime I am at ATC.

So far, that’s it. If you know of any other cheap sweet treats, let me know, too. Right now I’m craving for fudgy brownies. I might attempt to make them from scratch but a childhood memory of me baking hard-as-rock brownies seems to prevent me from doing so.

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