Breads and Baker King

I confess, I’m hooked again to another Koreanovela. This time, it’s Baker King! Almost all the Koreanovelas I’ve enjoyed watching revolve around one thing—food (Jewel in the Palace, Kim Sam Soon)! I didn’t even get to start this series and yet, here I am, waiting for the show to air.

I guess it’s my love for bread and my affinity to maltreated bidas who always become victorious come ending.

Bread comes a close second to rice. I love bread sweet, salty, bland, savory, moist, flaky. It’s really amazing how many kinds of breads there are. Baker King made me appreciate breadmakers more, from the panaderos to the pastry chefs. No, I do not aspire to learn how to bake my own bread. Eating is enough, thank you.

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Rabbit, Rabbit

I have nothing specific to blog about today but I’ve decided to just greet everyone a Happy Chinese New Year as we welcome the Year of the Metal Rabbit. I’m a rabbit, so hopefully, this will be a year of abundance for all the rabbit-people, not just financially but health-wise and relationship-wise.

Cebu Pacific’s PISO fare is back! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I get to book a domestic flight for me and family. Their page is taking so long to load (it’s still loading as I am blogging), yet I’m not losing hope. Sayang din ito!

Haven’t you noticed? There are so many promos online? I don’t want to get myself too addicted to them but, really, those discount coupon sites, are so difficult to ignore! So far, I’ve tried Ensogo and Deal Grocer. I regularly check other sites, too, just in case. I try to limit my purchases to good eats and discounted hotel stays.

Well, what do you know, I was able to book a flight after all. Yipee! Four roundtrip tickets to a domestic destination for…drumroll please…Php620.16!!!

Looks like this year is, indeed, a glorious one! Hop, hop, hop!

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