Dear Zoe

Today you turn 6 years old. Again, I look wistfully at time and wish with all my might that time would slow down even for just a weeny bit, if only to keep you young forever. But then, we’re left with no choice but to accept the fact that you are now 6 years old! A big girl and a big sister at that!

Exactly 6 years ago, your dad and I felt so blessed as you entered our lives. I still marvel at how you came into this world. And yes, I still remember the moment I heard your first cry and how your dad was amazed when you turned your tiny head to the direction of his voice. The gift of new life is the best gift every parent could possibly ask for, and I thank the Lord for that.

Looking back at the years past and who you are now, I can’t help but have a proud mommy moment. Yes, at 6, you have come a looong way. No longer are you the shy, brooding kid who keeps quiet most of the time and spends a long time warming up. You’ve blossomed into someone who’s comfortable with herself, enough to create a bigger comfort circle by embracing new experiences and making new friends.  People are discovering your gift of gab and crazy sense of humor!

You know what you want. You say no to ballet even if mommy tries so hard to  convince you to try it because you prefer soccer and hate tutus. I’m still not giving up though. Perhaps in a year or two you’d change your mind? Kidding aside, you’re an awesome soccer girl. It’s incredible how you’ve progressed in the sport. When you were 3 years old I would sit in the circle with you and walk/ran with you as you did your drills!  Now you just can’t wait for scrimmage time! You’re such a joy to watch and you make me so damn proud that you play hard but fair. And when you do stumble or slip, you get up as if nothing happened. Expect more stumbles as you grow older…just remember to get up every time.

Thank you for being a wonderful student. I know in homeschool we have our blah days, but really, you’re an awesome student and the whole world is your playground. I’m just so glad you are enjoying homeschool as much as I am and I am looking forward to more schooldays together. I’m also happy that you’ve made friends with other homeschooling kids. You guys are such a riot in art class! I know how much you enjoy doing art and spending time with your friends. I also enjoy bonding with fellow homeschooling moms, sharing notes along the way, as you kids do your thing. See, we’re both happy = )

Hats off to you also for learning how to ride your bike a few weeks shy of your 6th birthday. A pat on the back to your dad for teaching you how to ride a bike. I sure was doubtful that taking out the pedals and guide wheels would make you learn how to bike faster but, boy, you proved me wrong. Just take it easy on the curb, and of course, practice how to use the brakes. Whether you like it or not, you will need to step on the brakes every now and then. Going fast may be exhilarating but there are moments when slowing down works better.

Right now the grass on the vacant lot has grown past your height. You know what this means…no more hunting for grasshoppers. I know how much you like grasshoppers and how you don’t even care that the sun is striking hot just so you’d find your grasshoppers and bring them home. Reminds me of the days when I used to catch dragonflies, play with tadpoles, and eat aratiles. Why is it that I felt so safe then but now that I’m a parent I worry a lot? It’s your dad’s sentiments, too. I know we should lie low a little bit, but that doesn’t take the worry out of me. Perhaps when the grass gets trimmed I’ll let you, but right now, it’s a no. We got you a hermit crab for your birthday. A pet to keep you busy away from the hoppers.

Lastly, you have been an amazing, wonderful big sister to your little brother Phoenix. From Day 1 you were such a trooper, putting up with the changes around the house. Never did I hear you complain that you had to share the spotlight with a tinier being, and you have nothing but kindness, love, and more love for your little brother. Really, Phoenix is so blessed to have you as a big sister. Now that he’s starting to show his personality, and he isn’t the fragile tiny baby you first saw, I thank you for being more patient with him. Even when he messes with your paintings or the towers/robots that you painstakingly build you never lashed it out on him. Never ever did you use your strength or your “position” as an “ate” to your advantage. Everytime I hear you say, “it’s okay mom, he’s just a baby,” even when I know what he did would otherwise frustrate you, my heart melts.  With that you make me and your dad so so proud. The maturity that I see in you now will bring you places as you grow older.

Having you made me become not just a wife to your dad, but a mom, a parent, and a child. You made me realize my strength as a woman and you made me discover how vulnerable I can be as I worry over almost everything, from the usual cold to a spiking fever, or if I’m being too lax or being too strict. You gave life a different new meaning, and with that, I thank you. I thank the Lord for you, our Zoe, which by the way means “life” in Greek. May God shower you with blessings as you grow a year older. I love you very much.



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