Uno, Dos, Tres!

Finally, after long months of hoping for another baby, we are pregnant again! We’ve been wanting to get pregnant when PHX turned 3. Unfortunately, I wasn’t very cooperative in monitoring my fertility cycle that we ended up just trying and trying without hitting the target. I also went through moments, albeit fleeting, of disappointment and frustration every time I would miss a day or two of my period, only to see it greeting me month after month. My husband was there to knock some sense into me and make me realize that there’s Someone else in control of things and it would be crazy for me to expect that everything I wished for will be given to me according to my terms. He was right. I was acting like a brat and thought that conceiving would be something we could take charge of. I was wrong. God had other plans for us and His timing was always right. God first made me surrender everything to Him. I never really did. He asked me to relax, let go, and let God. Honestly, although I wanted a child, I never really bothered to ask Him for one. I just kinda assumed He knew. And I just expected.

So I started asking and praying silently, even including it in my birthday wishes this August. My prayer was for another child, but if it is His will that two children are enough for us, then His will be done.

I expected my monthly period to arrive last week. I was a few days delayed but I didn’t get my hopes up, although hubby was already keeping his fingers crossed and would ask me everyday if I already got my period. Last Sunday, at The Feast in PICC, the topic was about surrender. He says we can never really be out of control because the moment we aren’t in control, God remains in control. It made perfect sense. Bro. Bo talked about the miracles waiting to unfold in our lives, and how, before a miracle becomes visible, it starts with being invisible. He talks about how, during the times we question and cry and doubt, God is already cooking up something exciting for us. We just don’t see it yet, but it’s already there. He then compares a visible miracle to a baby, one that you can hold and cuddle and see, and tells how it started as a fetus in a pregnant mother’s womb, still invisible from our eyes. The words “baby,” “fetus,” and “pregnant” gave me goosebumps. He goes on to say that we are “pregnant with God’s miracle.” I started getting emotional as I heard God speak to me. My thoughts were racing. Could it be that I was, indeed, pregnant? Was this the sign I was waiting for? I wanted to believe it was.

The next day, hubby and I gathered enough courage to take the pregnancy test. And there it was…two strips on the pregnancy test! I was positively pregnant! My period wasn’t just delayed! We were crying tears of joy! Then, after we composed ourselves, we called on Zoe and PHX to share the wonderful news. Zoe was ecstatic and PHX was also pleased. I know PHX doesn’t quite comprehend it yet, because he thought the baby was gonna come out already that evening, but I saw he was excited, too. I can’t wait to see him as a kuya!

God never fails to amaze me with his miracles! During the times I doubted and cried out in despair, he was planning this surprise all along. Always, always, in His perfectly sweet time.


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Our Friday Scare

I woke up a little past 6 am to my little boy’s hot temperature. He was feverish. Although I didn’t take his temp, I got a washcloth, moistened it with tap water, and wiped his neck, armpits, and forehead. I hoped the washcloth would be enough to lower his fever. Last night, the thermometer registered his temp at 36.5 deg Celsius, although I doubted it and kept the digital thermometer a few minutes longer until it showed his temp at 38. PHX did not at all show any signs of nursing a fever or whatever viral infection. He was his usual energetic self and I took that as a cue. We have been conservative in giving meds and avoided the usual paracetamol for fever as we believed in allowing one’s body to fight the illness.

I lay down beside PHX hoping to get a few more hours of sleep with my kids before we start the day. Just a few minutes later, I heard PHX grunt a little loud. I had the instinct to get up and look at him, then I saw his eyes roll upward. Followed by involuntary shaking and jerking. I knew this was something different and there was something wrong. His breathing became shallowed as if he was gasping for breath. I was touching his face and calling his name. I thought I would lose him. After 10 seconds or so, he just went back to sleep as if nothing happened. Those were the longest 10 seconds of my life!  My daughter, Zoe, woke up and knew something was wrong. She was asking what was wrong with PHX and I couldn’t give her an answer. I felt so helpless. Dazed, too. Hubby was already at work when this happened, which left me alone with the kids.

In the flurry of things, I tried calling PHX’s pedia. Phone was ringing but she wasn’t answering. I also tried calling hubby but knew he was already airborne at that time. I gave Zoe quick instructions to change clothes and brush teeth, did the same, then we headed for Asian Hospital’s ER. My mind was racing on our way to the hospital. I was pleading to God to help my son. To keep him safe and to just please cover him with His Most Precious Blood.

PHX woke up on the way to the ER and was even cranky because the seatbelt was bothering him. He even told me to slow down in my driving. Took that as God’s sign that he’ll be alright. I am normally a slow driver.

We seemed to be the first patient in the ER that morning. They took PHX’s temperature, which registered at 38 deg Celsius. We were led to one of the beds as the nurses kept an eye on him in case he might get into a seizure again. The physician on duty informed us that what happened may have been a Benign Febrile Seizure, which children usually outgrow, and is considered harmless. Of course, we still had to be admitted and observed. PHX’s pedia wanted to make sure there was nothing more to the seizure so she requested for a CT scan. An EEG will follow.

PHX did not have any fever during our whole stay in the hospital. We did notice that he was less energetic and slept a whole lot more than usual. On the second day of confinement, he got his energy back and was his usual talkative self.

The CT scan results were normal. Thank God! After 3 days, we were ready to go home.

PHX does not have any memory of what happened to him last Friday. He has no idea how my heart broke to tiny pieces as I was witness to the seizure . How I thought he would just stop breathing. How the life we have isn’t ours. How we all are living on borrowed time and how our sons and our daughters and our husbands may be with us today and gone tomorrow. Morbid, I know, but this hit me hard. Really, really hard.

Our Friday scare also opened my eyes to God’s overflowing love. It was He Who woke me up from my deep slumber that morning, earlier than my usual waking hour, to hear my son and be there when he needed me. He kept me calm and did not allow me to panic.

God also whispered to my husband to replace and install our other (blue) car’s dead battery the night before so I had the gray car for use on that fateful day. Hubby planned to use the gray car and leave the blue car without replacing the battery, since we didn’t have any planned errands for that day. Praise God for His whispers! God made His presence felt by sending prayer warriors…relatives and friends who prayed for PHX. Oh, how the prayers made wonders! PHX’s fever never came back and there wasn’t any repeat seizure!

PHX’s seizure will remain etched in my memory and I will always look back on that Friday with fear. It was traumatic, to say the least. I hope and pray nothing like this will happen again.

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Back to Nature, Balik Bukid Style

It has been a long time since the kids have communed with nature. Our usual trippings included dining out and malling, so when the news came that there was going to be another Balik Bukid Fair, we jumped at the chance.

Sunday’s weather was perfect for a day at the Fun Farm in Sta. Elena. It was our first time there so we did not know what to expect. Just to be sure, we brought lots of water, some hand towels, and extra clothes.  I skipped the sunscreen but brought my handy bottle of Giga insect repellent just in case. The kids were excited to be spend a day outdoors but I did caution them that they could run around all they want, get dirty and sweaty, and that there won’t be any airconditioners to cool them, just outdoor showers. I guess that got them all the more thrilled.

Sta. Elena Fun Farm, Cabuyao, Laguna

Sta. Elena Fun Farm, Cabuyao, Laguna

We arrived just in time to listen and watch the Drum Jam. Anyone from the crowd can join and drum to their heart’s content. The setup of the place was gorgeous! It really felt like a country fair as there were booth after booth of lovely wares, from recycled bags to native decors to creative and whimsical crafts. Food and drinks that were on sale were healthy, refreshing, and most, organic.

There's no excuse not to get dirty!

There’s no excuse not to get dirty!

Lovely handmade stuff

Lovely handmade stuff

Washi tapes are here!

Washi tapes are here!

Takatak horses

Takatak horses

Home decors from Cornerstone Pottery

Home decors from Cornerstone Pottery

balikbukid 026

Of course, the kids did not waste any time exploring the farm. After a quick snack which consisted of puto, taho, tsokolate batirol, it was on to fishing. Zoe was thrilled that she caught a fish! PHX, on the other hand, was happy feeding the rabbits.

Go fish!

Go fish!

balikbukid 039

There was much more exploring to do: horseback riding, carabao cart ride, zipline, and obstacles of different kinds. It was simply playground heaven for the little ones.

PHX calls this a spider web.

PHX calls this a spider web.

balikbukid 045

balikbukid 043

balikbukid 048

Look, mom, I can balance!

Look, mom, I can balance!

Logs, lots of them

Logs, lots of them

Watch Zoe....

Watch Zoe….



balikbukid 081

The kids were like energizer bunnies, going this way and that, wanting to try one thing then another. They did get hungry, so off we went to the food booths. We ordered brick-oven pizza and some BBQ. For dessert, we had Isobel’s ice cream bars. The espresso flavor was to die for! The food on sale were quite pricey. I made a note to myself to bring some snacks next time around as it was a lovely day for a picnic. There were picnic mats that can be borrowed and a shady picnic area to relax and forget about the word “rush”.

This pizza's really good!

This pizza’s really good!

Papa tried this Katipunan Indio Pale beer. it passed his standards

Papa tried this Katipunan Indio Pale beer. it passed his standards

balikbukid 073

After resting a few minutes, the kids were off again to make the most of their afternoon.


balikbukid 057


balikbukid 058

row, row, row your boat

and crafting…

balikbukid 083


A bracelet made out of coconut leaves

A bracelet made out of coconut leaves

For a moment there, I simply forgot we weren’t home. Why? Because it felt like home just being there, surrounded by nature and feeling the good vibes of the place. The kids want to go back. They can’t get over it. We’ll definitely be back.

balikbukid 092

Emphasis on “FUN”



Zoe, all smiles

Zoe, all smiles



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Dear Zoe

Today you turn 6 years old. Again, I look wistfully at time and wish with all my might that time would slow down even for just a weeny bit, if only to keep you young forever. But then, we’re left with no choice but to accept the fact that you are now 6 years old! A big girl and a big sister at that!

Exactly 6 years ago, your dad and I felt so blessed as you entered our lives. I still marvel at how you came into this world. And yes, I still remember the moment I heard your first cry and how your dad was amazed when you turned your tiny head to the direction of his voice. The gift of new life is the best gift every parent could possibly ask for, and I thank the Lord for that.

Looking back at the years past and who you are now, I can’t help but have a proud mommy moment. Yes, at 6, you have come a looong way. No longer are you the shy, brooding kid who keeps quiet most of the time and spends a long time warming up. You’ve blossomed into someone who’s comfortable with herself, enough to create a bigger comfort circle by embracing new experiences and making new friends.  People are discovering your gift of gab and crazy sense of humor!

You know what you want. You say no to ballet even if mommy tries so hard to  convince you to try it because you prefer soccer and hate tutus. I’m still not giving up though. Perhaps in a year or two you’d change your mind? Kidding aside, you’re an awesome soccer girl. It’s incredible how you’ve progressed in the sport. When you were 3 years old I would sit in the circle with you and walk/ran with you as you did your drills!  Now you just can’t wait for scrimmage time! You’re such a joy to watch and you make me so damn proud that you play hard but fair. And when you do stumble or slip, you get up as if nothing happened. Expect more stumbles as you grow older…just remember to get up every time.

Thank you for being a wonderful student. I know in homeschool we have our blah days, but really, you’re an awesome student and the whole world is your playground. I’m just so glad you are enjoying homeschool as much as I am and I am looking forward to more schooldays together. I’m also happy that you’ve made friends with other homeschooling kids. You guys are such a riot in art class! I know how much you enjoy doing art and spending time with your friends. I also enjoy bonding with fellow homeschooling moms, sharing notes along the way, as you kids do your thing. See, we’re both happy = )

Hats off to you also for learning how to ride your bike a few weeks shy of your 6th birthday. A pat on the back to your dad for teaching you how to ride a bike. I sure was doubtful that taking out the pedals and guide wheels would make you learn how to bike faster but, boy, you proved me wrong. Just take it easy on the curb, and of course, practice how to use the brakes. Whether you like it or not, you will need to step on the brakes every now and then. Going fast may be exhilarating but there are moments when slowing down works better.

Right now the grass on the vacant lot has grown past your height. You know what this means…no more hunting for grasshoppers. I know how much you like grasshoppers and how you don’t even care that the sun is striking hot just so you’d find your grasshoppers and bring them home. Reminds me of the days when I used to catch dragonflies, play with tadpoles, and eat aratiles. Why is it that I felt so safe then but now that I’m a parent I worry a lot? It’s your dad’s sentiments, too. I know we should lie low a little bit, but that doesn’t take the worry out of me. Perhaps when the grass gets trimmed I’ll let you, but right now, it’s a no. We got you a hermit crab for your birthday. A pet to keep you busy away from the hoppers.

Lastly, you have been an amazing, wonderful big sister to your little brother Phoenix. From Day 1 you were such a trooper, putting up with the changes around the house. Never did I hear you complain that you had to share the spotlight with a tinier being, and you have nothing but kindness, love, and more love for your little brother. Really, Phoenix is so blessed to have you as a big sister. Now that he’s starting to show his personality, and he isn’t the fragile tiny baby you first saw, I thank you for being more patient with him. Even when he messes with your paintings or the towers/robots that you painstakingly build you never lashed it out on him. Never ever did you use your strength or your “position” as an “ate” to your advantage. Everytime I hear you say, “it’s okay mom, he’s just a baby,” even when I know what he did would otherwise frustrate you, my heart melts.  With that you make me and your dad so so proud. The maturity that I see in you now will bring you places as you grow older.

Having you made me become not just a wife to your dad, but a mom, a parent, and a child. You made me realize my strength as a woman and you made me discover how vulnerable I can be as I worry over almost everything, from the usual cold to a spiking fever, or if I’m being too lax or being too strict. You gave life a different new meaning, and with that, I thank you. I thank the Lord for you, our Zoe, which by the way means “life” in Greek. May God shower you with blessings as you grow a year older. I love you very much.



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PHX, my little guy

Hi everyone! Here’s my birthing story as promised. Thanks so much for all your greetings = ) So sorry it took so long as I’ve been busy with this little one.

I’ve always dreamed of becoming a mother. With God’s grace, I am now blessed with two kids I can lovingly call my own. Zoe was already 3.5 years old when we discovered we were pregnant again. Of course, hubby and I were ecstatic. We were doubly thrilled when we found out we’ll be having a boy this time. Quota na!

To say that no two pregnancies are the same is an understatement. From the first trimester to the time I gave birth, my two pregnancies were quite different. With Zoe, the whole 9 months was a bliss, except for one bad case of migraine. I also hated seeing, smelling, and eating spaghetti for the whole 9 months. My second pregnancy wasn’t that smooth sailing. I had frequent dizzy spells and experienced fainting in public for the first time. Turns out my iron was quite low and my OB even told me to get ready for some blood donors in case I lose too much blood while giving birth. I prayed hard that there won’t be any need for that come delivery time.

I was estimated to give birth by January 19, but before Christmas my OB said the baby had dropped already. We kept our fingers crossed that our little guy could wait to come out after New Year when the Christmas rush has settled down and the house would be more ready for his arrival (read: there were still so many last-minute things to take care of like cleaning, getting the hospital bag ready, etc.).

On January 5, I think I felt and saw my mucous plug come out. It wasn’t a bloody show though but my OB says it’s still possible that it was the mucous plug already. I thought I would be giving birth anytime soon. During my OB checkup of January 7, I was 1 cm dilated. Finally, we were making progress.

That Saturday, hubby and I decided to go on a movie date. Something we haven’t done in a long time. During the movie, I could feel my tummy getting hard in shorter intervals. I thought, this might be it. When we got home, we prepared everything we needed for the hospital and fell asleep. I woke up at noon the next day. Apparently, the little guy changed his mind still.

At this point I was already getting impatient. I couldn’t wait for the contractions to kick in and I couldn’t wait to see our baby. My prayer is hubby would be around when the time comes for me to go to the hospital. His work is quite far from our place (2 to 3 hours away) and the thought of having to go through labor without him beside me is something I dread.

January 14, Wednesday, was my next check-up with my OB. Hubby left work early to join me for check-up. Dra Cornelio, however, texted that there was an emergency and she couldn’t meet me that afternoon. Hubby decided to still go home despite the change in schedule. I was feeling a few contractions but they were still spaced so far apart that there was no cause for alarm at all. In fact, I was able to visit the nail shop and meet the staff plus do some grocery at Shopwise. When we got home at around 11 pm, the contractions started getting regular. I got in bed but I couldn’t sleep anymore. I had a feeling we’d be going to the hospital anytime soon so I decided to count my contractions instead. I gauged I might be in early labor still coz my contractions, although regular, were quite tolerable. I was even able to take a shower and go to the kitchen to have a snack (matakaw ako up to the last minute!) and walk around while eating and timing my contractions.

When I was certain that my contractions were 5 minutes apart, I woke hubby up. This was around 2:30 AM of January 15. Because hubby and I talk a lot, we just stayed in bed a wee bit longer reminiscing how, just 4 years ago, we gave birth to our firstborn Zoe. Hubby had his hand on my tummy when suddenly, I felt and heard a pop. It was a pop like no other and hubby heard it, too. He also felt the baby kick. Liquid gushed out and I knew it was my water bag. I called my OB and she calmly instructed me to go to the hospital. The worrier out of me surfaced as I thought of the many wrong things that could happen when the water bag breaks. I was scared I’d end up getting a CS or the baby might get into fetal distress. Thank God hubby’s not the type of person who panics as he assured me it’s nature’s course for the water bag to break.

The drive to Asian Hospital was quite fast. In 10 minutes we were there (3:00 AM). My contractions were getting more intense but I still got to laugh and talk to hubby in between contractions. A nurse from the ER brought me to the Genesis Center. Hubby had to park the car. I was still leaking a lot of fluid. They brought me to a labor room (their triage room must have been full) and strapped me to a fetal monitor in between contractions. After a few minutes, hubby was beside me and I felt safer. When the in-house OB did an IE, she said “Malapit na to! Dalhin na sa birthing room”. I wasn’t sure I heard her right. Nurses wheeled me to the birthing room and started preparing the things they needed in frenzy. One nurse calls hubby to go down to admitting. I panicked. I wanted hubby to stay right beside me but I had no choice. My OB hasn’t arrived yet. Double yikes!!!

The room was too quiet when I suddenly felt the urge to push. There was only one nurse in the room and, gathering enough strength, I called out to her and just said, “Nurse, urge to push na”. The nurse runs, leaves me alone, and calls outside to tell them that I have the urge na. More nurses enter and the in-house OB appears. They ask among themselves who my pedia is. Again, I tell them the pedia’s name faintly. I wondered what happened to my OB’s admitting orders and my birthing plan. The name of my pedia was clearly written there. Hubby still wasn’t there and I felt so alone.
The in-house OBs (another one comes in) tell me to push now. The urge was there so I really had to start pushing. Hubby was finally back and I heave a sigh of relief. Still no sign of my OB though. Hubby tells me to relax as I strain to push. He says, “Hun, relax, you’re not relaxing.” I wonder why of all times would he expect me to relax. And so I mutter under my breath, “They’re already telling me to push.” Apparently, like me, it took awhile for hubby to realize that we practically skipped the labor phase and that I was already in the final pushing stage, and so he goes, “ah, ok, push…” Had I not been in so much pain, I would have laughed at that comic moment. At this point I just wanted to get it over and done with. The pain was becoming constant already and I had no choice but to face the pain. After a few pushes, my
OB arrives. She thought she wouldn’t make it on time anymore. After just a few more pushes, I felt my little boy ease out. Then after a few seconds, I hear a loud cry. A few minutes more, the nurses bring him to me. I felt so wonderful. I felt high, despite not having taken any drugs, hehe. Like my first pregnancy, I prayed for a natural, anesthesia-free delivery. I felt every pain but seeing my baby healthy and alert makes labor so worth it.

Phoenix Sebastian was born at 4:05 AM of January 15, just an hour after we arrived at the hospital. I’m so thankful that he chose to come out when his dad was home. If not, I might have given birth at home considering I miscalculated my labor pains.

It’s been more than a month already and we’re enjoying having our new bundle of joy. Zoe is taking her big sister role seriously by helping out whenever she can. There’s no tinge of jealousy at all. Sometimes it pains me when she would patiently wait for me to put Phoenix down in his crib so I can hug her to sleep (yes, she needs my hug) and how she tries to fall asleep without me always beside her. She’s such a trooper.

As for Phoenix, he spends his days sleeping, eating (mommy’s milk!), pooing. I think he hates it when his Ate harasses him with kisses but he’s got no choice. Zoe can’t wait for Phoenix to grow older so that they can be “double trouble” daw.

I dread the day I’ll have to get back to work. Although my days (and nights) are hectic caring for my 4-year-old Zoe and my 1-month-old Phoenix, being with them just makes life so complete.

Here are a few of Phoenix’s latest pics. All photos courtesy of Cuteprints



Ate Zoe

Ate Zoe



Dalawa ang puyo!

Dalawa ang puyo!


Lola's boy

Lola's boy

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Got to Believe in Magic

My daughter Zoe has always been defiant when it’s time for her afternoon nap. I was suffering from one of my migraine attacks which seem to come and go especially now that I’m pregnant, so in a desperate attempt to make Zoe take a nap with me, I decided to use some magic. Well, pretend is the word.

Me: Abracadabra, Zoe is going to fall asleep (which matching hand actions!).

Zoe: Abropodabro, make my mom not let me take a nap!

She used countermagic on me AND she won! She told me she was hungry for carrot sticks. I always rejoice when she’s asking for veggies so I let her get some (although it turned out to be a ploy coz I found out she never asked for carrots, but ate porridge instead). Lesson learned: never rely on fake magic. Any magic wands out there for sale?

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Dr. Seuss

My daughter’s latest favorite book is this Dr. Seuss book she received as a gift from one of her godmothers. I love Dr. Seuss and I can recall how i very much enjoyed reading Dr. Seuss as a kid. Thankfully, I had cousins who owned a whole set of them. It was with great pleasure that I introduced Zoe to one of my favorites. And so now she’s hooked, and now I’m totally horrified. My fondness for Dr. Seuss has turned into a nightmare as I’ve been reading the Fox in Socks for the nth consecutive night! I end up catching my breath and twisting my tongue after each page that I have to beg my daughter to change her favorite book even for just one night. Hubby was also initiated into reading the Dr. Seuss book. I think it was one afternoon when I wasn’t around and Zoe wanted to have some reading done before her afternoon siesta. That night, when I sweetly suggested that it was daddy’s turn to read, my husband swiftly convinced my dear daughter that mommy reads Dr. Seuss best.

I am now left with no choice but to read Fox in Socks again and again and again. If I get lucky, Zoe will prefer Marvin K. Mooney, which is less tongue twisting than the former, or Mr. Brown Can Moo, which is shorter. Aah, the many wonderful things we moms do…

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Me the Nonconformist

Eversince I became a mom and had the freedom to make my own choices, I’ve heard all sorts of reactions from well-meaning relatives and friends. Of course, I try to be as polite as possible but, sometimes, what they tell me puts me off big time that I would dream of some not-so-nice rebuttals (pero syempre nagtitimpi pa ako not to say it out loud!).

They: Hindi na uso ang masaktan ngayon, bakit ka pa maglalamaze sa panganganak? (Everything’s pain-free now, why choose to go Lamaze in giving birth?)

Me: Masochista kasi ako. I love pain so much!

They: Why do you keep on carrying your baby? You’re spoiling her!

Me: Actually, I’m spoiling myself. I’m cherishing the moment now coz in a few years I doubt if she’ll ever want to be carried by me.

They: You’re still breastfeeding?! Tama na, hindi na maganda yan. (Note: a few months ago when I still haven’t weaned Zoe. She’s weaned already)

Me: Says who? Di naging sakitin ang anak ko ever. Tipid pa ako sa gatas.

They: Hindi marunong mag-socialize ang anak mo, dapat ipasok mo sa school para makimingle sa ibang bata.

Me: Hindi sya marunong mag-socialize kasi hindi nya kayo feel kausapin? If you spend more time with her, you’d know how good her social skills are. She shares her toys, asks permission, says “please,” “thank you,” and “you’re welcome” and is gentle with younger kids.

They: Homeschool? Bakit homeschool? Pano sya matututo mag-socialize nyan?

Me: Kasi uso yan eh. Mga artista homeschool sila diba? Yan ang pangarap ko kay Zoe, gusto ko sya mag-artista, kaya inuuna ko na ang homeschool. Pag-artista na sya, marami na syang time makipag-sosyalan.

Hmmm…what else…

They: She still doesn’t know all her ABCs? When my kids were her age kabisado na nila yan.

Me: Hmmm…knowing how to read early or late. Will it matter when you know how to read by 8 years old?

They: Your daughter’s so shy. You need to do something.

Me: My daughter chooses who she wants to mingle with this early. Sorry, di ka nya type.

They: Importante ang early childhood education sa bata.

Me: Ah ok, sige, pagnag-kaanak ka na ganon ang gawin mo

and the list can go on and on. Surprisingly, these comments are from those people who you’d expect to know better, given their status, background, and brains. There’s nothing I can do but follow the GIGO rule (Garbage In, Garbage Out). In the end, ako pa rin ang nanay, so I will always have the last say when it comes to how I want to live my life and raise my kids.

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OB visit

(Also posted in my other blog)

After much deliberation, hubby and I decided to try and check another OB. Don’t get me wrong, I love my old OB and I would still highly recommend her. In fact, thanks to her, I was able to give birth to Zoe without anesthesia. Almost had to undergo a C-section. My old OB holds clinic in Medical Plaza Makati, where she accepts my HMO card for consultations, but because of the continuous rise in gas prices and the parking and toll fees, it’s just not worth it to travel all the way to Makati for the consultations. She also holds clinic once a week in Asian Hospital but I’ll have to pay Php500 per consultation.

Thanks to a mommy friend, she recommended her OB in Asian. The good news is she accepts my HMO card in Asian and the better news is she’s also a Lamaze advocate, which means she won’t cut me up for the smallest of reasons. I criterion that’s important to me and hubby especially when I’ve noticed the rise in CS births. She gave birth to her two kids also through Lamaze so I know I’m in good hands. So now we get to save on gas, travel time, parking, and toll. It’s really quite expensive to give birth these days so it’s best to save as much as you can on things that you can save on.

Zoe was with us during the visit and she was at her best behavior. She loves Asian Hospital and is so at home there. I’m amazed at her memory because she remembers quite clearly that donuts are being sold downstairs. I’m also not anxious and worried when I take Zoe with me to Asian. It doesn’t have that eerie hospital feel other hospitals have.

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My Pregnant Thoughts and Midnight Cravings

Because I want to keep this blog as varied as can be, I decided to create a new blog where I can post about anything pregnancy-related and keep everyone updated on Baby #2. I’m still groping and finding my way, so please bear with me. Hope you’ll also link me up and let me know if you do so I can add it to my links too. Come to think of it, I haven’t done that yet. The blog will be for a whole 9 months. I’m just wondering what I’ll do with it when I’m done being pregnant, haha.

I might still be tempted to post some preggy stuff here because, what can I say, I feel so at-home with wordpress and, perhaps, it might be the only stuff worth posting. Hay, I’m babbling already. Sometimes, my mind just isn’t thinking straight and I’m in no mood to be creative. I’m craving for something though, salivating actually for that santol in the kitchen. Gotta have it now! Ta-da!

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