Our 2013 Bangkok Kidzania Adventure

We have happy thoughts of Bangkok coz we very much enjoyed our 2011 trip seeing elephants and visiting temples.  So when hubby informed me that his trip this October would take longer than the usual 2 days, we grabbed the chance to go with him. I was also on my first trimester of pregnancy, and knew that I wouldn’t be able to travel once my tummy gets bigger, so might as well go, go, go, never mind if I had to cope with motion sickness. I get crazy dizzy during plane rides, which was further heightened due to the pregnancy.

A week before our Bangkok trip, the whole family got sick. The kids even had to be confined. We got discharged from the hospital just 3 days before our trip, and I was seriously contemplating on staying home instead. Thanks to a lot of mommy friends who convinced me it was alright to go ahead, hubby and I decided on the last minute and he got our tickets on the day itself!

Because hubby had work most days, the kids and I spent time just relaxing in our hotel room or walking around the airport which was walking distance from the hotel and has a connecting underground link.

The highlight of our trip was visiting Kidzania. Kidzania is a little town designed for kids, where the kids get to experience how it is to work as grown-ups. They could choose from numerous jobs such as firefighters, physician, dentist, interior designer, artist, actor, athlete, pilot, flight attendant, police, secret agent, and many, many more. They get paid for working, mind you, so kids experience how it is to be earning their own money. If the kids want to learn or join in some activities such as sushi-making, culinary school, they had to pay using their kidzos. Kidzos is Kidzania’s currency. The kids were not interested in spending but would prefer to earn, so they were able to double their money in a day. Not bad for a day’s work. Kidzania’s counter looked like an airport check-in counter. There the kids are given a check which they need to encash in the bank so they can spend money if they wanted to.


Zoe worked as a firefighter, 7-11 crew, photographer, interior designer, artist, dentist, and veterinarian. She signed up and had to pay to train as a secret service agent. She liked the secret agent part coz they had to dodge the laser beams and she found that so cool.





PHX also worked as a firefighter and artist. He also was a gasoline attendant and the kids all looked so cute in their uniform!




PHX surprised us when we passed by a dance club and he told us he wanted to ‘work” there. I guess he was attracted to the neon lights and the beat of the music. It was hilarious watching him dance. There were teachers who taught him the dance steps, which he tried his best to imitate. Afterwards, they told us PHX was to perform downstairs at Kidzania’s town square. They wanted to dress him up for the program but PHX didn’t like. He preferred the “skeleton” shirt he asked his dad to buy a few days earlier. Downstairs, PHX, at first, got the shock of his life. I guess it never occurred to him that he was going to perform in front of all the people who were hanging out and milling about. But after a few seconds of shock, dance he did!




Can you imagine, we were there at opening time (10 AM) and stayed there until closing time (5 PM)?! The kids really, really had so much fun that they want to go to Kidzania again! Zoe was thrilled when I told her Kidzania will be opening in Manila soon.

Overall, our trip to Bangkok was so worth it. Never mind if I had to deal with motion sickness without the help of meds (which are not allowed during pregnancy), as well as this crazy afternoon sickness, which I’m hoping would disappear after my first trim. Seeing the kids having the time of their lives at Kidzania was just priceless!

P.S. Sorry some of the pics are lying down! I couldn’t figure out how to rotate or edit them on wordpress.


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